I'm looking for a hardshell guitar case. I'll use this maybe a few times a year, though I may end up carrying my guitar around more than I expect if more friends start learning. I go to school on the other side of the US, so I need to carry it on the plane ride, and it has to survive that trip without a scratch.

I've looked at a few.

My guitar's a superstrat with a tilted back headstock (I've heard of the headstock being too tilted for some cases).

Are these good cases? Are there any other proven high quality ones that fit my guitar and are affordable?
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I took my Les Paul as a carry-on to the other side of the US with me on a trip (Seattle, Washington to NYC) and it was fine. The airline may have a coat closet, in which case they would probably let you store it in there. Otherwise, as was my case, they didn't have room so i just put it in the overhead compartment and it fit and was fine. On the way back, there was room in the coat closet so i put it in there and it was also fine (just don't forget it if you do so!)

EDIT: In case you're wondering it was in the Gibson hardshell case that came with it.

Either of those cases should be perfectly fine for keeping your instrument safe. I'd recommend loosening the strings before the flight though, because of the fluctuations in pressure. While the cabin is pressurized, I'm sure you know it still changes.
Gator fit all cases are good i use one to carry my tele and its held up well.

If u want the best protection save up and get a Hiscox as theyre awesome and can withstand some amazing punishment
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if you want to protect the instrument don`t use a cheap case

hiscox cases are really good

your better using 1 moulded to the shape of the instrument.
Gator one looks way nicer bro
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Alright, so I have a problem. I tried the cases available at Guitar Center (they had the Road Runner ones) and none could fit the LTD's pointed headstock (they only had a KH signature, but I assume mine should be about the same length). The tilt seemed to make the headstock stick out a bit too, so the neck wasn't snug. The guitar itself shifted left and right too.

So... how do I know which ones will fit my guitar right? ESP has one just for my model but it's overpriced and the reviews indicate that it's got poor build quality.
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Thank you, Red Comet, for restoring a bit of my faith in human kind.
Quote by Perp8tualMotion
Thank you, Red Comet, for restoring a bit of my faith in human kind.