Hey guys
So, I know I'm not a "famous UGer" or anything, and like, no one knows me, but I just wanted to say goodbye.
The reason behind this is that I'm going to a Jazz Camp with my Sax for 6 days
And the Pit is like a drug to me, so 6 days away is gonna be tough :S haha
ANYWAYS, I thought some of you guys who like Jazz may appreciate the Jazz Camp idea, but again, I'll say bye

And to make this thread not spam, does anyone have any good band camp stories?
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this one time... at band camp
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Antisocial Behaviour Order. A chav's equivalent of GCSEs.
More like a jizz camp for sex lessons.

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bro story cool.

EDIT: On second thoughts, jazz camp sounds awesome!

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Hope you have fun and all that jazz.
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Hope you have fun and all that jazz.

Lawl Kensai

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I still like cho0onger more than the 2 of you

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Hope you have a great time

I've never been to band camp, the one time I was supposed to go I broke my arm so I didn't.
Well this one time at band camp our classical guitar teach wasn't there so he put me in charge of rehearsals and we basically went off and ****ed all the vocalists/pianists (who were in the same practice area as us) We found to worms having sex and a moth that couldn't stop laying eggs. We also broke into the teacher's room and got us a stash of lollies and then they took us to some garden smurf who showed us how to wrap a bag around a tree
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