OK, so check this out. About 3 weeks ago, Im on ebay schmoozing over little guitar parts, pickups, whatever. You all know how that goes lol. I came across this auction that had like 25 of these pickgaurds that someone had signed by LP at an event or something. A convention I guess.


So I figured that would be cool to swap out with the pickgaurd on my '60 LP Custom. They are both cream, so yeah. Great idea.

Then he died. So I have a 1960 LP Custom with a pickgaurd autographed by the father of the modern guitar that Im assuming has just jumped significantly in value in like a weeks time. Thats boggling my mind right now, but how much do you guys think this is worth?
dude if i where you id keep it for alot longer like a few years so its worth even more then it should be worth quite abit
Who gives a crap, somebody just died ffs.

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got a pic of the autograph? `cos they`re will be heartless individuals out there who are making a profit out of his passing.....

pics or its an epiphone special 2 signed by the Jonas brothers ...
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pics or its an epiphone special 2 signed by the Jonas brothers attempting to forge les paul's signature...

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Les Paul"..."
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Pics? I personally wouldn't sell it. Having his signature is like having a piece of guitar history.
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