I searched but couldnt find a thread already.

Post the discount codes for companies that offer discounts to UG forum members

I have only seen


Rock Monkey Pickups - 10%
ESP Eclipse I CTM FR (KGC BRASS BLOCK + IronGear Blues Engine + Dirty Torque + BCS Wiring Kit
Jet City Fusion

Blackstar S1-104 EL34

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Korg PitchBlack
ZCAT Delay-Reverb
Snarling Dogs Whine-O-Wah
i was unaware of the irongear UG member discount so thank you for that, but i can't help but think this will allow people to abuse the system and get discounts even if they aren't UG members, since guests can read the forums...

*reported* for that reason.
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I hardly think any guest is going to go to the trouble just for a little discount.

I think other gear manufacturers (Brett, Faisal) should do this too.