Iced Earth is powermetal aren't they?


I like the verse riff. it sounds very ... "matter-of-fact"

Decent chorus.

There's the verse again... You should throw in some bridges or pre-chorus'...Or even some pre-verses?

The solo was lacking. Sorry.

Nice choice in switching up the drums in verse 3.

another slow solo. You should at least have the second one be fast.

Er....you need to re-evaluate the ending too :\

There were some good things. ...

And then there were some bad things. Try adding some more riffs. whats there is decent, but lacking.

Also work on your solos, and DEFINATELY fix the end .

Would you mind looking at mine?
i like Iced Earth..anyway...

Intro-I like the nice little acoustic riff
Verse1- The second guitar is really what makes this part so good
Chorus- It was ok, goes with th song pretty good, just something about the rhythm doesent seem right
Solo-Starts off good, but some of the notes are wrong, like A.H. 10 on Bar 66, Needs work
Bridge-I really like everything about this riff, the drums are excellent, and i love the harmony...awesome riff

Verse 3- same as above\
Solo- this one is a little bit better...

Overall- Pretty solid song, i would recommend fixing the first solo, but other than that its pretty descent...i give it an 7/10..

C4C? Its song 11 in my sig,if you have the time....thanks...
Hmh here it goes:

Intro: Sounds good, has a little cold feeling in it.

Verse 1: Pops in quite suddenly, I'd make some little acoustic soloing in between intro and verse 1 but that's just me.

Chorus: Real heavy sounding, really goes well with the verse riff, me likes : )

And heres the verse again, not much to say. I'll skip to solo

Solo: Starts really nicely, though I feel that the note 10 in bar 66 sounds kinda off, maby it's just me again, leads on nicely, not much to say.

Bridge: Man... love at first sight, really great riffing. Makes you think of.... stuff.

Outro: I like the lead. Fits very well into the whole song and the backing riff.

There, not much to crit since it's almnost perfected to me already. I'd give this a 8.5/10.

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i thought it was really good, needs some vocals ur ready for that, great
keep practicing

the intro was to long and then intro and chorus just repeated was kinda gay.
but keep practicing and you can make some great music
some guys absolutly suck they tab a song and call it metal hardcore and its worse this ever. I feel bad for my computer to play it. but you have some good ears and can hear key and know wat sounds good.

crit mine- jealousy is t.....