I'm looking for something to follow and do for a while, that is a guitar video. I was thinking of watching petrucci's rock discipline, but ive only been playing for a year, so I think its too advanced for me. Anything more digestable for an intermediate player, but in the same vein of that petrucci's vid?
I'd try petrucci's video nonetheless. It's really extensive and contains lots of great tips and exercises, which you can always play at your own tempo. I think it's the best instructional video I've seen so far.
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Try Marty Friedman's Melodic Control

Edit:- Yea I'd reccomend the Petrucci video also.....Download the rock discipline tab and just practise those exercises....
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hmm, I'll check them out.
I want to focus mostly on the basics, like chords, slightly harder chords though, and scales. arpeggios.
So I'm not biting off more than I can chew if i go with petrucci's vid? Ive seen some of the exercises he does and they seem insane and way beyond me.
As I said, you can do all the exercises, even if mr. petrucci blazes through them at 9 million bpm, just chose your own tempo and work your way up!
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