I had posted this a few months ago, however upon re listening to it this morning I decided to put it up again for comments and critiques. I honestly think it is one of the more beautiful compositions I've ever really finished.

My primary influences for this piece were Agalloch, Empyrium, and general black metal/dark folk music.

It is basically symphonic acoustic music. At the moment it is an instrumental. I have been writing lyrics, however I am considering just leaving it as is because the instruments say enough. Note: The acoustic guitar is programmed, but it sounds pretty good. I do not have good recording equipment to do guitars.

Any comments left will be returned to you if you leave me a link!

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Very relaxing and beautiful sound. This sounds like it could be part of a movie soundtrack or something! The flute melody is very nice. The song flows quite well and all of the parts fit in perfectly.

The strings are very obviously computer generated though. They sound a bit choppy and the parts where they briefly stop sounds too abrupt IMO. I'm not sure what programs you're using to mix it, so I'm not sure how you could make the chord changes sound smoother...

Your lyrical ideas seem very fitting. I would be interested in hearing a version of this song with vocals, and perhaps in the future you could think of investing in more recording equipment so you could avoid having to computer generate all of the instruments.

Nonetheless, it still sounds great the way it is right now! I can imagine someone going on an epic quest in the forest to this kind of music. Haha, Awesome job

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Very cool piece right here. I love all the instruments going on here, they sound very good for being programmed imo. I especially liked the flute, that was cool. The song creates a really nice, beautiful atmosphere. But I think this song was quite long, I was kinda hoping it would change up a little more. Not necessarily like heavy stuff, though I think that might be cool too, but maybe some key changes and changes in the rhythm would help. But overall very cool, and good job.

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Hello guys. I am bumping this as I would like some more comments on this piece. It is rather old, but still one of my favorites that I have written. I'm bumping this with the primary motivation of asking for advice on what I could do with this in terms of dynamics to make the earlier portion (prior to the vocal/orchestral end section) less stagnant, if this is even necessary. Any other comments/critiques would be welcome as well!