Poll: aetherspear v strawforest007
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10 38%
16 62%
Voters: 26.
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Listen to each track and vote on the poll!

aetherspear - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/aetherspear/music/play686638

strawforest007 - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/strawforest007/music/play685544

One week to vote. Winner goes through to Round 2. Runner-up goes to the second-chance play-off.

11 other duels to vote on in this round...

Best of luck!
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I'm gonna have to think about this one..aetherspear's entry is very well produced and creative, great playing, too; strawforest007's track is more on the dirty, traditional side and very good at that!
At least we can be pretty sure that whoever loses this one will prevail in the first-round-losers-thing, it would be a shame to lose one of you two after the first track!
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^+1 These are good enough to be a final match. It's hard to choose one.
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Both tracks are great, but I like aetherspears more, it's more catchy. Great tone from both of you, however, Strawforests has a few background noises (could be my headphones,too...).
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Oooh nice duel. I already know that it's going t be great before listening.
Listening to Aetherspear. It has some modern bluesy style... Some new thing. It has the groove. Loving it. Also has to appreciate the latin feel. Did you make all of it? I hate you if you did. 2:10. Awesome. The (Clarinet?) going on the background later is great. Amazing one.
Could I get the backing track please?

Listening to Strawforest. Just started. Old style blues. Gotta love those staccato licks. Great and solid guitar playing. I like your style.

Well, both are damn great but I had to go for Aetherspear.

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This is going to be a tough one, both of you are excellent musicians.

Aether, I love how you went for something different, variety is something I look for in music. Very cool mix of blues and jazz. It sounds like the timing of the tracks is a little off though, maybe they needed to be lined up to compensate for a little latency in recording? I like what you were going for with the fusion of different styles but in my opinion the soloing doesn't quite fit the mood of the song. Don't take this to heart because I have to nitpick when it comes to your playing :P

Strawforest, sounds a lot like la grange Good riffing, good soloing, very well done.

I'm going with Aether on this one, his entry is out of left field and I found it very enjoyable and creative. Great job both of you!
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Damn strawforest, Jumping at Shadows is one of my favorite tunes, good luck.
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I would say that aetherspear speaks nothing but the truth.
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Good luck to you too Aether! I've not done it justice in my opinion, that's why I tend not to do covers. One of my favourites though for sure , the chord progression is inspiring.

You're piece is very innovative and creative. I'm not too keen on the drumming, but I really enjoyed it from 1:30 onwards. Got to love flamenco guitars!
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I take back what I said about your soloing not matching the song aether, I had accidentally called up two pages and I was hearing someone else's soloing over your track, rofl
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Had to go with Strawforest - nice playing man, love PG and you had some really nice dynamic moments in there :] At points you seemed unsure though, but that's to be expected in a one take jam hahah, only experience fixes that >.<

Nicely produced aetherspear, didn't really feel like blues to me though, apart from that a nice track
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Jesus this is a hard one to pick, Strawforest one is more traditional and aetherspear's one is more avant-garde.

Talk about diverse!

The tone on Strawforest's one was perfect, really great sound, phrasing and playing was great, love the slight delay or reverb.

Aetherspear's use of harmonics and production was incredible. Had a really chill, yet swingin' mood to it. The phrasing and tone was great. Love the inclusion of the Latin influence, not to swamp the overall feeling of the blues.

I'm going for Aetherspear's due to complexity and originality.

However they were both amazing, really hard to pick.
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Can't pick one - I have to abstain from the vote. Wish I caould play half as good as either of you.
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both of you are fantastic like already said before, weren't you the two last finalists of Blues duel II ?
I wish I could compete with one of you soon ...
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I finally decided...to just wait until the last minute and vote for whoever is losing so the result reflects the high quality duel better!
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They are both awesome, but strawforest's won it for me