Poll: nico42 v shark48j
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18 64%
10 36%
Voters: 28.
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Listen to each track and vote on the poll!

Nico42 - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/nico42/music/play686238

shark38j - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/shark38j/music/play683853

One week to vote. Winner goes through to Round 2. Runner-up goes to the second-chance play-off.

11 other duels to vote on in this round...

Best of luck!
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Another good dual, really like both tracks. The change of pace in Nico42's track was interesting, but kinda redundant. I've gone with shark38j, I like the laid back pace and the playing is very tasteful.
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Nico, great track. I love the change style. Very nice. Goodluck.
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Thanks man! You got some cool licks yourself!
I listened to your track before I recorded mine and decided that I'll need a different approach and a little surprise in it to make up for my lack of blues experience, which you obviously got.

I guess it comes down to what the voters wanna hear in a blues duel track, so the best of luck to you, too!
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I sort of got blown away a bit at the change of tempo which is not a good thing in my opinion. Appreciate your use of diversity and playing was generally good. The solo was great, nice to see that variation.

Shark's one suffered from clipping and the soloing was very tasteful, nice slow sombre pace, good use of dynamics and tone.

I voted for Shark.
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i liked nico's track. you guys are saying that you didn't like the change in temo, i did.
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Nico - Wow ! very impressed , Just a critic though , it seems there are two tunes in one , the intro is very trad. blues then it turns to something very modern ... big contrast

shark - your solo is really interresting and never boring me at all

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The slow part is just meant to be a little intro(indicated by that old record player noise etc) and the traditional/modern contrast is of course completely intentional. I knew that some people would like it and some wouldn't and that's intentional, too. I'm more of a prog-guy, you see, so I like some surprises in my music

But take it as some kind of election pledge that my next track will probably be a more homogeneous, slow shuffle minor blues with maybe a bass/guitar duet, so vote for ME!

..or for shark, he's cool, too
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I liked Nico - I thought the tempo change into heavy blues rock was excellent. Thought Shark's was great, very tasteful, but Nico got my vote.
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Wow tough call - I voted for Nico, but only after some serious wavering back and forth!
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Hmmm, tricky one, that. Went to Nico in the end, as it suited my mood at the moment. Had I checked the thread later after a glass or two of wine it would have gone to Shark.

Oh, now I'm feeling guilty for voting...
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.