We try to write songs that you can dance and/or hopefully sing along too.
If you have any comparisons to bands I'd love to hear them because I'm terrible at that kind of sh)t.

Seems like the most appropriate link.
Has a bunch of songs including some new ones live.

All feedback is welcome!
Haha to tell the truth I'd never listened to any of those bands. But I can see how they have elements that are similar. The only band we all really love is The Clean... and I doubt that'd be easy to hear.
i listened to "the serious kind" on their myspace.
sounded pretty swell.
do they have much of a following in the u.s?
I swear I've heard your music before, but I don't remember from where... Weird.
It's somewhat hit-and-miss for me. The good stuff is great and the stuff I don't like is... Well, I really don't care for it.

Dinosaurs has an odd melody, but it fits in nicely with the song. Insanely catchy.
Snuggle Song reminds me of the Clash for some reason. In a good way though.
If Not You is cool. I love the guitar tone.

The rest are iffy for me. I'm not trying to be mean or hurtful or anything, but the male vocalist is off-pitch (and sometimes off-key), and that's the main reason that I don't like the songs other the ones listed above. If it weren't for that, I'd like your music loads.

So what I'm getting at is this: you guys have loads of potential, and I'm really liking your instrumental sound. However, for better or for worse, pop punk largely revolves around the vocalist(s). If you could improve in that area, you'd be a really great band.

If you wouldn't mind checking out a few of my songs, I'd be a very happy man indeed.

I love If Not You. The rest are just decent, but that song is incredible. Have you listened to Cap'n Jazz or Dananananakroyd much? Very similar, very fun stuff.
the first 3 songs (dinosaurs, snuggle song, well and truly) are a year newer, of the other 7, we only play allergic to you live now. thanks for the feedback.