Hey guys.
Anyone have any tips on how to get the rammstein tone from Rosenrot?
I'm using an Ibanez SR700 (Tuned C#,F#,B,E) through a Hartke LH1000 with a 410 and a 115.
I also have a russian big muff pi and a tube zone overdrive.
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I also like Rammstein.

I know overdrive is used, but i dont know much more about the bass rig. The entire band seems to have extremely complicated rigs so I wouldn't be surprised if the bass player did too.

wish i could help but alas all i can do for you is respond to bump this up.

Im also curious....
http://en.rammstein-europe.com/rammstein-equipment/oliver-riedel/ this is the closest i have been able to find to a list of his gear, but i know he uses overdrive frequently. i'll keep searching for you.

EDIT: on wiki, it said he uses 2 8x10 cabs
EDIT2: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/msg/1310141688.html
it says he used/uses that pedal
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dont think Du hast has much disto not sure, i know theres a lot of bass (most likely cranked to the max xD).

But i cant really be sure,i learned Du hast and Feur Frei recently so im trying to find a kinda fit all setup for some metal right now xD.
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