I've found that it's really easy for me to come up with melodies and lyrics when I am either (1) in bed ready to fall asleep or (2) in bed after I've just woken up. What about you guys?
For some reason, it's when I can't sleep, and it's late at night.
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In the morning
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Whenever i'm about to sleep I think of something
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This is true.
Whenever I leave for work or am at work. Basically any time I can't possibly play an instrument to do anything about it.
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when im feeling as low, angry, and ****ty as possible ( i write metal, what do you think)...but then i get all happy and forget it.

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When I feel like **** or that I can't seem to enjoy live. I wrote my best poems and song in those moments.
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Wednesdays and Thursdays, usually.
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