so someone gave me some kind of a footswith that looks like this http://www.long-mcquade.com/?page=products&ProductsID=348 or almost like this but same name and same options on it..what do i do with it? where do i plug it in? and for what is it good? i got it for free so i accepted it..i hope i will be able to use it tough..do i need a special place to plug it in on the amp? i got some hole where it says ft. switch but i just can't get it working..thanks in advance
"Multi-function footswitch for Trademark 60, selects channels, activates the Reverb and Boost functions and engages the Effect Loop."

Silly question, but do you have a Trademark 60?
Oh hang on, you got it for free >_< I should learn to read.

My Carvin footswitch works on my Vox, although everything is backwards.
What amp do you have?