**** man, I was expecting this to be some 12 year old tallent show, but you guys are really good. The voice is great and the cleanish verse riff is great. I just think the Chorus channel on the guitar needs to be more powerful, like blow us away. It sorta loses some bass and volume compaired to the verse. I'd be very satisfied with this performance if it was me.
I honestly really enjoyed it. The guitarist had a great tone. Vocals were magnificient. Reminded me a lot of 3 Doors Down. The performance was great, too. You engaged the audience and they really responded well. My only suggestion is that the bridge seems to need a little work. That was the only part of the song I didn't care for very much. It felt a little long and drawn out, which isn't always a bad thing. My band has a song with a bridge like that, and our singer uses that time as an opportunity to thank everyone for coming and thank the other bands, etc, so you may want to consider doing something like that during that time if you wish to keep it as it is.

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EDIT: I just saw on your myspace that you guys are only 15. Wow! Keep at it, you guys *will* go somewhere. You sound like a band made up of guys twice your age.
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Sounded something like Nickelback. Excellent performance.
The singer has a very good voice.
Keep it up guys!
Thanks guys!

And CDubDSP I listened to your stuff...Honestly I dodn't listen to that kind of music so I wouldn't know how to critict it...Uhm but the guitar sounded good and it all flowed pretty well...
Amazing vocalist. seriously i was expecting so much less but he was really good. and the backup harmonies were spot on as well. and for writing that song the day of thats pretty good (my band and i ended up doing something similar to that the other day). but seriously your vocalist adds a whole different dimension to the song. good stuff, id really be interested in hearing a decent quality recording of this song.

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What the others said... i hear Nickelback/3 doors down influence. Vocals ARE amazing - especially for not even being in a studio. I like the chord progression and obviously everyone in the group is great at their craft. I would love to hear studio versions of this song and anything else your band has done. Great job!
What a fitting high quality video for a high quality performance. I have to say the vocals were probably the thing that stood out to me the most.
the vocals are great. they sound like nickleback allot. good job. i love the guitar. good rythem/strumming. that was rocking. you even got the crowd to get into it. witch it very hard to do. you guys are great live. good stuff. the lyrics are good to. i think that bridge section was a little long, and the energy semmed to go away a little but. i think if you made it a tad shorter this would be ace. good job guys.

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