I think I have finally gotten to the point where my guitar, amp and recording GAS is gone.

There are a couple things I would like to own, but nothing I need and I have gotten my recording rig all set so there are no plugs, mics, preamps, etc... that I feel I need.

Since I have had GAS since I was about 12 it's kind of nice that I don't want anything. In fact, the past few guitars I bought either sat in the boxes or got unpacked and stuck on a stand for a while before they got played.

In a way, it's an awesome feeling - in that I have no desire to surf ebay or go to GC, but in another way it feels kind of strange, as I'm usually looking around for something.

One thing I can say is that I find myself recording a lot more and even going into my studio and just looking at all my stuff - as I can walk about 20 feet from where I am right now and have a better selection (IMHO) then my local GC.

I'm sure some people have more or better stuff, but this is an awesome feeling.

Here are some pics I took. I have more in my profile:

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I saw your collection before and was extremely jealous.
D:< can I kill you and take your stuff D:

and grats for reaching what's essentially the nirvana state of mind as far as guitars go.
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i like your chair
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That's a vintage Herman Miller chair. I bought it for $50.00 at a flea market - where I also bought a lot of guiars
So this is the 2nd thread youve made where you're snobbing all your gear. Can I expect a threequel? Or is 2 times enough?
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nice if only i had the money...
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Why are the pictures from seperate photobucket accounts?
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The trick to building a nice collection is not wasting money on the cheap guitars and modding them. Instead, you want to save your money and keep your eyes open for the deals!

For example - my Ed Roman Quicksilver was $600.00 shipped on Ebay about a month or two ago. Guy had it BIN and was going to loose his house so I snapped it up. New, that guitar sold for $4200.00 and used they go for $1000 - $2500.
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Why are the pictures from seperate photobucket accounts?

I have a couple different accounts - I had forgotten my password at one time and now I have a couple. If you look they're in the same room - except my acoustics - but if you look at that one, my OO-21 is in multiple pics
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people mus hate you im sure but if im onest i really dig your Light!!

thats an awesome collection dude
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Nice collection
When you are past the stage of noob, you then become a geek.....

Epiphones are the way forward! <3
Again, another way for you to shamelessly post pictures of your gear.

Do you see the sticky at the top of the forum? The one that says 'Post pictures of your gear here'?

Post these there, and don't make new threads about them.

But besides that, kudos to you for having your dream collection. I wish I was in that state.
so now your just going to repeat threads of what you CLAIM to be your stuff........i`m certain i`ve seen this studio elsewhere and not in the thread you started recently
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This should be titled the shameless bragging thread.


Seriously, there no need for two threads were you just post 'your' home studio.
Does it offend you, yeah?
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Seriously, there no need for two threads were you just post 'your' home studio.

Mmmhmmm.....seriosuly you really didn't have to post pics AGAIN.
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"*Losing* My GAS" FTFY

Amazing collection
I think if I ever lost my GAS, it'd be like completing a game, unlocking everything and getting bored with it... atleast that's how it looks from my perspective.
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