i have a band but only me , guitar and a bassist.. and does any one know any songs that sound good with just an acoustic guitar and a bass and doesnt need another guitarist, vocals or drums ? i dont want really obscure stuff , i want mainstream stuff preferably pop punk and that kinda thing... but anything is welcome. thankyou for ur help xxxxx
Yeah, because most of the pop punk is instrumental, drumless and acoustic.

Try to find some of your favorite band unplugged albums or songs. It can probably sound fine without drums...also try something like Road Trippin by RHCP. It has vocals but shouldn't be boring without them...
maybe you could try playing Seven Nations Army and leave out the vocals? Or maybe you or your bassist could learn to sing.
Or you could of course find a singer, they're not that hard to find. If you really want to play pop punk, a drummer is also a good idea.
Check out some unplugged pop punk performances. Some of them sound pretty good acoustic. I can't really think of many off the top of my head.. maybe paramore, fall out boy..
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