Hey everyone,
i'm quite confused at the minute
can anyone give me advice on whether to get a fender mexican standard tele or strat or a squier vintage modified telecaster hs??
all advice welcome
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Fender squier sucks

Don't be a douche.

I'd personally go for the Fender though.
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thanks for that advice, thats really gonna help me decide!!
Ive played a mexican strat and as long as you put it through a decent amp its amazing for its price, dont go with squire, I cant stand them. I dont know much about tele's so I cant help you there
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Don't be a douche.

I'd personally go for the Fender though.

thank you
thats actually helped!!!
my dad gave me his old squier it was made in japan and is pretty amazing. 1980 something
im just looking for a new guitar..
its a mexican standard so will it still be better??
To be completely honest both the mex and squier do some brilliant ones and some not so brilliant ones


Don't buy online
Shop around and see which one feels best
older squiers are good quality, the ones made in the early 90's at least (i think it was early 90's it was my teachers and sounded superb). Newer squiers are hit and miss - the affinity series are not very good - the standard series is decent and i've been led to believe the vintage mods are actually pretty solid. They are more variable in quality than fenders though, so i would recommend buying the one you try, even if it's ex-display and also playing several in store, some will 'click' more than others.

What's the price difference/what would you do with the extra money? i would say a vin mod with new pickups will sound as good/better than a fender, but once you've upgraded the pickups that's what you're stuck with... The fender has more room for tone improvement if you buy pickups later. It's a tough call - i'd personally take the fender and change the picks but that's more money :p
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Squiers aren't bad. They are however inconsistent. There are good ones out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones, and you would have to play quite a few to possibly find one you like. Fender standards are of a generally higher quality, they aren't all brilliant, but you will be more likely to find a good one (as well as holding value better and yes, you can say you have a fender if you like) And do you like the Japenese squier? Because in good condition, old squiers can be very nice, most MIJ's have a good reputation, better than most Mexican made strats I think.
Put simply, Fenders cost more but are more consistent in quality

EDIT: Beaten to it. But i think the affinities are better than the standards, because a lot of affinities are made of alder instead of agathis, and Agathis isn't as nice a tonewood as alder IMO. Vintage modified would be a good choice, or push your budget and look used maybe highway 1
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well the old squier is my dads so i do like it but it just doesnt fell like my own.. i want my own so its either the standard tele or strat at £359
or the vintage modified tele (squier) at £249
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Can you go to a local shop to try them out? Because I don't like buying without playing, 2 "identical" guitars can vary a lot in feel. Also do you like the Humbucker? If yes, squier...
EDIT: I've always really liked the look of the squier classic vibe teles. Maybe not your thing, but the good ones are meant to be excellent, and well under budget
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well they are internet guitars......
its where they are cheap...
i'm on holiday at the minute so i cant go and try them!!
i've never really tried humbuckers can you tell me what they do??
my dad said that the squier would be good but i've searched the standards on my own cus hes gone home and im still in france.
Ahk. Humbuckers have two coils instead of one. This means they don't give the normal hum sound single coils do (which I don't find particularly distracting.) They also have a fatter warmer tone, and handle gain better than single coils. It's preference which you prefer. Humbuckers are better for Jazzy, soft, warm cleans and heavier riffing, single coils give a sparkly, trebly sound. A standard tele or strat will give a more classic strat/tele sound, but the HS squier will be a little more versatile if you want to play heavier music.
As for buying online, I wouldn't get a squier online, It's just too risky IMO. You might get something you really don't like the feel of. Waht kind of music do you play btw?
blues, rock'n'roll, rock, maybe country. lol
stuff like that. what do you think??
what does imo mean??
In My Opinion. Yeah a lot of what I say is opinion rather than fact, but most people tend to agree on the general points. I'd say for blues and Rock a humbucker sound might suit you, so maybe the HS tele. Check out fender Standard HSS strats, a little more expensive, but more versatile.
Also look at http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/71122
also expensive but very nice
And http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/77157
also its the colours that put me in the middle!!
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i totally agree!!
so do you think buying a fender over the internet is more reliable than a squier??
Yes. I've not played a fender I think is really 'bad', though some have been better than others. I have however played squiers that have been plain bad, so If you must buy online, Fender all the way
thanks i'll keep that in mind.
i've read reviews on harmony central that have said that the squier came setup almost perfect?? what do you think??
how long have you been playing??
Have alook at the Classic Vibes, the whole range ive played have rivalled the Mexicans in quality and the lot. maybe worth looking into.

im sorry if this has been mentioned before.
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thanks anyway for your input.!.!
i'll e-mail my dad and see what he says..
I've been playing 2/3 years. I do really like the classic vibes, but they're still Chinese (I think)made Squiers so Quality control is like I said, very hit and miss. If you play enough guitars, you'll get what we mean about good/bad feeling guitars. It's the hardest part of buying, because it's very difficult to define and explain what feels good/bad in YOUR hands. Take your time, play everything in your price range, above it and below it to get an idea of the difference, get second opinions, take another player ideally. In the end doing this will get you exactly what you want, but it could take months. I've been playing guitars and amps for months looking for my ideal next purchase. Good luck whatever you go for in the end anyway.
has anybody else got anything to add??
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morning boost..
my dad says he'll check them out..
anymore advice?
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