Hey all, thanks for looking at this thread. Listen, I know when we newbie's ask "what should I be doing" or "how do I get better", most of you say (and its fair) that its up to you, and there's no set guidelines.
But, what I would like to ask is...in your opinion, based on your experiences, is what i'm doing going to benefit me, or are there some glaring issue's that I don't know about.
Here's what I am doing...I work on some simple songs...Iron Man, Just Like You, Smoke on the blah blah...you know, easier one's to help me move around the fretboard. I also spend some time on chords, which is pretty boring, but I know I have to do this. And for now, thats about it. Working on power chords, picking, and strumming chords. Now, in your opinion, what else COULD I be doing to help me out. I love practicing the way I do, but I think I could add some more things now, to help me progress. Any help would be great!

All the best, Will
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I would build a nice repertoire of songs to play. Fun and progress guaranteed
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I think you're doing the right thing by learning some easy songs to further your guitar technique development. Find some songs that you enjoy that use open chords and work on learning the song thereby developing your chord changes. Also as Chuckles said, check out the pentatonic scale and the other scales and try and use them to improvise over top of songs you like.
Listen to different styles and try to learn them ,emotional blues music or technical classical music ,scales are useful but dont stress about them too much ,watch some instructional videos and gain influence from over players.
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Sound advice.

Also write music of your own.

Easier said than done.

Scales are good, but don't just learn loads for the sake of it. Learn one and learn it inside out, and make sure you are comfortable using it (improv with it) before you start tolearn any others.
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Easier said than done.

Not with a little theory knowledge. It doesn't have to be complex but writing your own simple backing tracks are good to practice improvising over
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