I saw no official pickup sticky post, so if this goes in one please say so.

Anyway, in a few months I plan to buy a guitar with a EMG 81/60 bridge/neck combo. Mahogany body, flamed maple top, maple set neck, rosewood fingerboard and a Floyd Rose. Your standard metal axe.

I've never been a fan of active pickups, but my experience with them is limited, so I'm willing to give them a try. Way back, EMG used to be the only brand on the map, but now with Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio doing their own (and maybe others too, I'm not too informed) I may consider not going back to passives if I don't like that particular set.

So, any recommendations, considering that guitar and that I mostly wanna play Thrash and Power metal on it? If the pickups are versatile enough to do rock and grunge, all the better, but it's not a big issue. I have no set budget, I'm asking out of curiosity more than anything. But I may save money for a good set if it's really worth it and I'm not happy with the EMGs.

Sorry for the long post, haha.
schecter hellraiser fr?

great guitar but you either love or hate the neck.....
you could also check out the schecter blackjack ATX. has blackouts instead of EMGs. but yeah, you either love or hate the neck with most schecters, and also, the ATX only has an inlay at the 12th fret
Nope, it's a ESP LTD EX-401DX. I'm limited in options, I'm not from the States and there is little variety of guitars to choose from. It's much easier to import new pickups than a guitar. And Explorers make me drool anyway, haha.
What amp are you using? If you have a bad amp, you'll probably hate active pickups. If you have a good amp, you may like the EMGs, but I recommend running them at 18v instead of the stock 9v. You'll definetly hear a difference, and it is easily reversible if you don't like the sound.

18v mod them (see the ultimate thread on it). if you still dont like 'em, then go passive.
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i hear the new EMG Xs are really good and basicly the best heavy rock and metal active out there, and the most versitile