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So with it getting closer to the time of year where people start dressing up in crazy ass costumes for the sole purpose of scaring the piss out of little kids who knock on their doors, Im wondering what everyone is planning on going as this year.... I personally still havent decided. Since I will be going to a pretty elaborate Halloween party I want something that is totally awesome... Something that when people see it they say damn, I wish I'd have thought about that. I have been tossing around the idea of going as Jesus or something like thatbecause I dont see that very often. Then there is always the recently dead celebrities because I know that this year would be the first year that anyone could go as them. Maybe a zombie Billy Mays with coke on the nose? Right now I just dont know what to go as, but as the time draws near Im sure I'll figure it out...

So for those of you who know what you're going as already, post up your ideas for your costumes this year and lets see how much fun this can be...

(I know there are threads about this cause I did searchbar it, but they are all from last year, so....)
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I want to go as Claudio Sanchez, but no one at all would understand the reference. Maybe Slash again this year, with a better costume.
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a friend of mine last year wrapped himself completely in duct tape. i wish i had pictures, but i didn't take any...
I'm goin emo again this year. Last year was pretty fun
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If you want recently dead celebrity, Thriller video Michael Jackson. I bet everyone does it, but whatever, It's all cool if you know the dance.
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I went as Cloud Strife last year (buster sword included) that was pretty cool

one of my friends went as Cid and we ended up getting drunk and having a rather epic battle against a potted plant
Hitler.. again.

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Some thoughts for this year:


-Alex (a clockwork orange)

-Joker (unoriginal i know)

-Sherlock Holmes

Or for recently deceased:


-David Carradine (pre-death preferably)

-Les Paul (old man with a les paul)

Last fancy dress party i went to i was sweeny todd, it looked pretty cool although i am rather ashamed to admit i thought eyeliner made me look very good.

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probably gonna be a gorilla again
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"The sun is a cube, not a sphere."


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"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

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I was going to be Buckethead last year but I didn't go anywhere so I didn't dress up.
The year before that I was Peter Criss, but it was an awful job

This yeah I dunno if I'll be dressing up as anything, but it'll probably be something noone will get
my friends and I plan to be either : power rangers, or tmnt or clockwork orange.
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Ace Frehley

My friend is going to dress up as Paul Stanley and we need two more people
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Gonna be a rock star like dude

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I might be stereotypical metal guitar player. Think Tony Iommi.
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Raoul Duke

Unless people have seen the film, i doubt they will get it, plus its cold in halloween, i had to change into my normal clothes last time i went to one as him.

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No Halloween in the Carribean? Why not?

as I am told, people would rather become "Americanized" and do the halloween thing...but that doesn't stop them from listening to american music and wearing their clothes they see on tv.
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Lol this year i might go as the Black Neo. Or get a black welders mask to go along with this

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I'm too old for halloween. I'll just watch some horror movies with friends.

You are never too old to dress up in a ridiculous costume and get drunk at a party.
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That's actually probably what I'll do


And lol at that wee dog
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You are never too old to dress up in a ridiculous costume and get drunk at a party.

But that's Saturday Night for you, no?
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I'm going to go as Buddy Holly and take a tally of how many people ger ti. At least for school.
Then I'm dressing up as Hendrix (actually the anti-hendrix.) and my friend is going to be the anti-Kurt Cobain.
Basically Jimi Hendrix if he were white and Kurt Cobain as if he were Black
If I thought wearing spandex was a good idea (I'm a big dude.) I'd have me and my friends go as the Clockwork Orange chaps. But I might just go as Ghostbusters, or get some white pants and fake blood, and I can be andrew WK! Just, gianter.
last year i went as Shaggy from Scooby Doo but no one understood it and thought i didnt dress up at all
but for this year i was thinking of busting out my old pikachu costume
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You are never too old to dress up in a ridiculous costume and get drunk at a party.

I don't like parties, at least the ones I've been to. And halloween party just means "party + an excuse for girls to dress even sluttier"

which is a good thing, but also a bad thing when they get wasted and start puking everywhere.
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