i had a thread on here a few days ago looking for a new guitar for me a returning beginner who stopped after my guitar broke, cort guitars were heavily recomended, but no models were recomended.
i have since looked around and found 2 models i'm interested in they are the z-2 and the kx5.
firstly i would like to know which one is worth a better look at or are there any other guitars out there that would suit my needs.
i have a tenson scream 15 which i will porbably replace with a peavey vyper 30.
i am interested in all types of rock, some metal and some blues.
all advice or recomendations are greatly appreciated.
The KX5 will be perfect for you. IF you want other series, i can tell you this:

EVL/KX/VX/X(EMG models)/M - metal
X/Zenox/M - all types of rock
G/Jazz - frorm blues to jazz
I actually have the kx5 in my lap right now, and its amazing.
i got it a little over a month ago from the place i work and i love it,

i can get so many sounds with the coil tap and three way.
sounds good in clean and distortion. incredible with effects.

its pretty cheap for having pretty much everything you'd need, especially for a beginner.

so i greatly recommend it man, its a beauty.
The Cort M300 is pretty flexible.

If I remember correctly it uses the Jazz/'59 seymour duncan combo with a piezo bridge pickup for uber amazing cleans.