New Rose kicks ass.

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Imagine your underwear.... naked.
I Love the Damned. Although some of their stuff without Sensible was lame. I've seen them live five times, and they were class everytime. I still havn't got the new album 'so who's paranoid'. anyone got it?
Why did you use the "confused" smiley?

The Damned is an excellent band judging by Damned Damned Damned. I need to get Machine Gun Etiquette sometime.

However, there are a few threads about them already, so in the future, please search before making "wat does every1 think of this band" threads.
I like the Damned, but I didn't enjoy this year's tour because the audience was all middle aged skinhead truck drivers, and I hate middle aged skinhead truck drivers.
Damned Damned Damned is a great album. The best UK 77 album, or maybe second to Pink Flag. I really like the song "Fish". I need more Damned.