So I have to find some Stereotypes about England and categorize them:
What is typically english?
How do english people see themselves?

I thought The Pit would be a marvellous place for this question
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Yellow teeth, cobbled streets, tea, everyone posh, top hats, being awesome

That post got better and better as it went on.



Bad food, worse weather, horrible dental hygiene.

That's the basic stereotype.

Even though Britain has some pretty bomb food IMO.
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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Stereotypes: Tea, we apologise a hell of a more than is necessary?
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Gay people, soccer, tea, wars, 'posh'

I'm sorry, since when has gay people been associated with England?
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Gay people, soccer, tea, wars, 'posh'

your american so **** off

FOOTBALL the real version

rugby - the mans version of american football, and the original i might add

tea and all that old school ****
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tea, crumpets, truffles, bad teeth, and the accent

It's not an accent, we don't HAVE accents, it's just what English sounds like when pronounced properly.

Ecookie for reference.