So recently i bought a Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal.
Its pretty sweet but i noticed, especially if i have my amp distorted the crybaby ****s up my tone bad. Ive tried messing with the dials but still my tone sounds ****e.
Anyone know anything i can do to get a nice heavy tone back? Any pedals i should invest in?

The true bypass mod is the last thing i want to do because it involves effort.
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Whatever position the wah is in, it's cutting some frequencies, so you are going to be quieter with the wah on unless you add a boost.
Are you using batteries? If so try replacing them, dying batteries sucks tone like a mother****er

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is the wah always on? crybabys have to be clicked off before it stops wahing.
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Those base model Crybaby's are complete garbage.
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The stock crybaby leaves some things to be desired. But the spider series dont seem to mix with any external pedals.
Well the problem of it sounding bad when it is on is your amplifier.
The problem of It sounding bad when it is off is due to the poor buffering.
If you are too much of a lazy prick to do a True Bypass mod you can always buy a Truebypass looper.
I'll make you one for $50

Still too lazy?
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Those base model Crybaby's are complete garbage.

This. Actually, most Dunlop wahs are garbage, with a few exceptions (ie the 535Q, Slash Wah, Dime Wah and Rack Wah). I'd suggest modding the one you have with the vast amount of info you can find online. True bypass or a good buffer placed in the wah is a must if you don't want it to suck tone.
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