Ok, so I found a good deal at a local guitar shop for the EMG Zakk Wylde pickup set. It's complete, all the parts, working, with all the documents, and I think I'm gonna get it. The only problem is that my guitar only has 1 set of volume/tone knobs. I'd rather not drill holes for another set of knobs, and to be honest, I really don't feel the need to, I don't mine one set of knobs. Can someone direct me to a wiring diagram or a how to article to do this?

cliffnotes: I need to know how to wire an EMG 85 and 81 with only 1 set of volume/tone knobs...

Thanks in advance guys
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Look on the EMG website, on support, search for the zakk pups and it'd show you the diagrams and you just scroll to the one you want. No need for drilling new holes. I have the Zakk set in my guitar and it only has 2 volume and 1 tone.
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If the pickups come with all the original paper work then it will have the diagram you need already included. Mine did when I bought them.

Cool, thanks for the info, I was hoping that was included, but I just wanted to get an idea of how it would work before I bought it.
If this set is brand new it might be the new solderless install version. Here's a link to the new wiring diagram pdf file on EMG's website.
Here's the original style incase they are the old ones.
I didn't know that they changed up the models, I was wondering why there were two sets of instructions for the same thing. Makes perfect sense now, hopefully the set I'm looking at are the solder less version and I'll be able to avoid that pain in the ass.

Thanks again man, I think I can handle this little project now that I've seen what it all involves.
Probably the reason you're getting a good deal on the set is it may be the pots you have to solder. Stores are still trying to get rid of the old stock before they start to sell the new solderless systems. You have to ask.

You can always get a solderless conversion kit for $25 to $30. I found a new "old" EMG pickup on ebay for cheap and also got a conversion kit all for $109. Even though it ended up being the same price as an EMG-X it was what I needed to match the old EMG I already had.

I was told directly by EMG that an X would not work that good with a non-X because of the different preamp so there would be a volume drop.