Little mini poll, I wanted opinions regarding picks. What gauge picks do you use, and why?

I use 2mm. It's the lightest bass pick, yet I play guitar. I like that it's rigid, doesn't bend, and primarily because of unintentional pick scrapes. I use skinny-top-heavy-bottom strings, so reg picks scratch it a bit, especially when I'm doing sweep picking and tapping combined: Picking from the bridge on the lower notes, moving towards the frets as I go up the strings. It noticably scratches the bottoms, and the 2mm's are too thick to scrape.

What about you guys?
Dunlop Tortex 1.5

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snarling dogs Brain picks .53
Ilove the texture on them.
Thin picks are the only way I can strum fast and still sound good.
Blue/Green Dunlop Tortex

Purple Big Stubbies


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yellow tortex
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I use this little known boutique brand, it's called the searcbar.
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I use this little known boutique brand, it's called the searcbar.

I heard the thinness of those picks are rather Redundant.
i use ultex jazz 3s, i had a problem with the original jazz 3s, that they would slip, now problem solved
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1mm Dunlop tortex....(the blue ones). You and your unwieldy 2mm...
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whatever pick as long as it is either 1.2 or 1.5
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Currently using Dunlop Jazz IIs.

No, I really meant to put two instead of three. Don't ask, I'm visiting relatives in Italy and decided to pick up my first guitar ever after leaving it in the attic for years, it's a Behringer Strat. I see what looks like a Jazz III, turns out it's a Jazz II.
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Yellow tortex.
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I'm currently enjoying the green one that came free with 'Total Guitar' magazine a couple of months ago
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I used to use Dunlop Tortex but then i tried the Jazz III's and they are so much better
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I use dunlop oranges or .60s because they give a nice bend and sound brighter the lighter.
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1mm Dunlop tortex....(the blue ones). You and your unwieldy 2mm...

This right here; I love tortex 1mm, and now that I don't have blue carpet in my room anymore, it's more difficult to lose them yeah, I know this guitarist who uses like a really thin nylon pick and it has waaaaaaaay too much give in it for me, and he thinks I'm stupid for using 1mm...then again, him and I play way different genres, he plays nu-metal/metalcore, and I play Modern/alternative rock and stuff.

But generally, I like to use thinner picks on my acoustic guitar playing (when I use a pick on that that is), like I have (or had) this medium cactus pick, it was reaaal nice.
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any dunlop tortex
my favorite are the sharps
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Dava Mastergrip and various Dunlop 2mm
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I actually just got a lot of picks in to try some out!

I was really interested in the dava control picks, but when I got them, frankly, they were not too great at all. The dava grip tip jazz version however was pretty good. I like the dunlop jazz, and the size was almost identical. It was more flexible, which lent it well to acoustic playing..... but....

The jazz III ultex version picks are so far my favorite. Much better than the red ones. They stick to your fingers better and have a brighter tone. Great for pretty much everything from blues to the closest thing I can do to shred to acoustic strumming. Best pick ever!

EDIT: Also, I've basically tried all the dava picks, so if someone wants any details on em, fire away
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I used to custom cut yellow tortexes, but they would wear out really quick. I use stiffo and ultex jazz IIIs now... I might try the v-pick small pointed and dimension, tho, heard they're really good.
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Dunlop Delrin .46mm

anything thicker than like .73mm is too much for me.
I've been trying out a bunch lately.
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Orange, Yellow, or Green Tortex's.

What's the hype about Jazz IIIs?