Hello all Ive just recently started to use drop tunings and I love Lamb of God. What are some easier songs by them that I could learn.
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Now You've Got Something to Die For and Omerta aren't all that hard.
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Now you've got something to die for is a good one. Most of redneck is easy as far as i can remember. Most of Lamb of God is fairly easy once you get your head around it and can get up to speed.
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Now You've Got Something to Die For and Omerta aren't all that hard.

uhh, now you've got something to die for is pretty hard. Omerta is easy and if you like old LOG, odhgabfe and the main riff in black label are pretty easy
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omerta is easy.... you can get some practice on your pinch harmonics as well
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most of new american gospel is fairly easy and As the palaces burn

as the palaces?! thats got some pretty technical stuff in it for a beginner
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For Your Malice is pretty easy, as long as you've got your trem picking somewhat down and can play simple chord progressions.