I have a Peavey JSX head amp & Egnater cab. I love them.
BUT!! I saw a guy on here with the same head, but he had the Boss EQ pedal. On my head, there's Resonance, Pres, Mid, Bass, Tre, Gain, vol. If the amp already has an EQ, why would you get a pedal for it? If I did want to use the pedal for my EQ, what would I do with the EQ on my head? Does it make a huge difference?

An external GEQ or parametric EQ can shape your tone more precisely depending on what you want to lower or raise. The EQ on the amp are really broad frequencies.

So based on that you can alot of things with an EQ pedal. alot of people use it as a solo boost
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If you want two different sound you can use the EQ pedal to shape your other sound and turn it on when you want that second sound. Or you can use the EQ pedal to finetune your sound because an EQ pedal mostly has more controls (6,7,10,32) than your amps EQ (3)
eq pedals are important they boost alot of the frequencies and can change the hole tone of the amp, like say you want your amp to have a more fenderish or mesa vibe to it then you can put a eq pedal in the effectsloop and scoop the mids on it, but on the amp you still have mids but gust a diffrent type if that makes since, or you can put them in the front of your amp and use them to just give you diffrent tones to use, my bloody valentine does that alot
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^^^ What these guys said.

I have an external EQ and it helps a great deal, probably the single most valuable component I've purchased. I find it helps with tonal balance, clarity and doesn't "color" the amp or guitar. I don't know many EQs outside of the MXR 10 band that I have and it's great. I think some may be cheaper but the versatility is worth the extra cash.
also, they are good if your amp has passive eq-ing (jsx is active i believe)
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There are a few ways to use an EQ. The way I would suggest is to put it before the amp and use it as a slight mid boost and then slightly scoop the mids on your amp. Most amps already have post distortion EQ so an external one placed in the FX loop is just for a more precise control over an amp. It's not really needed post distortion if it's an amp with effective tone controls. I suggest you go to amptone.com and read the section on EVH tone, it has alot of useful info on EQs.
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