Here's another not-done song I've decided to post on the UG forums. I'll finish it later and post it, but for now all you can do is wait :/ It's not a gp3, 4, or 5 file, but a midi file, so it works with media players. It's untitled so far so....yeah. Just save into your Music, or any other folder. You need some sort of media player. (ex: iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quicktime) Also, be sure to check out my other post which contains 7 guitar pro songs. (gp5 files)
Untitled 10.mid
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Quote by RenKaiya
Vocals sound like fury of the storm by Dragonfarce

Yeah lol i kinda inspired the vocals off that song, but i didn't want to be COMPLETELY copying it, so i switched it up a bit. DF is my fav band