hi, i'm currently looking in the search for a new amp.

I'm currently using a crappy marshall mg30 that i bought when i first started about 6 years ago. However, i had a very strong string instrument background before that and i picked up the guitar like it was nothing. It's time for something new.

Here is where i get confused.

I'm looking to buy a used tube amp. Something that fits to my style; classic rock, hard rock, blues, modern rock, borderline metal. I want something that has good tone, but isn't too loud because i live in an off-campus house. My price range is around $600-700 max.

I looked at a marshall dsl 401, but i had a hard time finding one that wasn't pre-2003 so i don't have to deal with overheating issues. Then i looked at the sticky thread on these forums and there is a chart with marshall amps and the dsl401 was towards the bottom. So, using that chart, i looked at the JCM 900 and JCM 800, but i feel that they would be too loud at 100/50w. I also looked at an Orange Rocker 30, but it was too expensive for my taste.

So, any suggestions would be great. I would really like to research some amps (reliability issues, prices, etc.) before i even go out and try playing them.

Laney AOR's are great also check out the Traynor YCV50BLUE, Vox AC15, Ceriatone 18w, Peavey Classic 30/50, and the peavey windsor
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Based on what you play, the Peavey would be gggggggreat, says Tony the Tube Tiger. I've played the Classic 30 many times t the local Music shop, never bought one, but I like it.
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You could always get a 100/50w head and then get an attenuator, OR play through headphones in your spare time.

Although, good, cheap, not-too loud tube amps, look at a Tiny Terror Duo, they're coming out in the next few weeks for circa £470.

If you can't quite scope your sound, get a used GE-7 off of ebay and sit it on top of the amp.

Only problem with the TT is that I'm not sure if it comes with an effect's loop.

Also, Vox Night Train and the HT-5 are good small little tube amps.
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i've heard a lot of really good things about the peavy 30. i'll look into that.

From what i've heard, the dsl isn't as good as the jcm 900s or 800s and they're not that much more for a used one. Unfortunately the 900s and 800s would be too loud.

Thanks for the suggestions, i'll definitely look into them.