Well, okay, it's been ages since I posted here, and I apologize for my abrupt disappearance. I did want to come back with a bang though, so I've brought some information about an upcoming band that I've been listening to:

Point of Extinction:



I've been listening to their free release of their Bloodstock EP, it's not bad at all. It can be downloaded from Planet Mosh's website for free The production is pretty good and the song writing is good old fast thrashy stuff which i simply love.

I'm also posting this because well, I have a friend who is in the band, you'll probably figure out who, and I've been trying to market their sound but it's difficult to market this as melodic thrash metal. In any case, there's a contest they could win with our help:


Personally I would request people who think they're worth a deal to vote for them - there are many musicians out there who struggle to make it big, and there are many bad ones who still get record deals, so I guess every band deserves a chance. I have a sentimental factor involved cause I know the rhythm guitarist personally, and he's also part of this forum.

So, even if this sounds like a "oh please vote for them" appeal, it kind of is but you're welcome not to if you don't think they deserve it - but I'd sure like it if you guys did vote anyway.

Thanks so much fellow metallers,