What kind of guitar / pedals / amp do i need to produce his sound? I was messing with one of my guitarist's equipment and I couldn't get it. I don't actually play guitar but I want to start and I want to have his sound b/c thats all I will play probably. Any suggestions? Budget is $1000. I have a ampeg svt 810 and someone told me he used bass cabs so I don't need a cabniet, just a guitar, amp head, and pedals. thx
He's very secretive about his gear. He uses a lot of weird, vintage, might-not-be-the-best-but-he-makes-the-sound-his-own kinda stuff. Old gear, old guitars, stock pick-ups...He likes it thick and creamy. Try to audify an orgasm.
Guitar wise, go for a semi-hollow of some sort.

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