Okay, so someone on this site sold me an Orange Tiny Terror head for $250, I payed them via paypal and they sent me a $30 practice Marshall instead, I'm trying to get my money back, and I'm not sure what to do exactly. I opened a dispute on paypal but that doesnt work because it was outside of eBay, I was told by a paypal rep that now I just have to file a chargeback on my credit card to get my money back..

Any advice on how to proceed?

This ever happened to anyone before?

does the site look legit?
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However to the situation in hand

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does the site look legit?

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Also, that sucks you got screwed. Your credit card company is the best bet, I think
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this reminds me of that time I sold a practise marshall for 250$ to a guy that tought...

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