I'm trying to find a way to upload my work onto my profile, but I don't know how. It's really been frustrating me. Please help. It's really confusing and frustrating
click on my profile,then on the side click on my mp3's, then click on upload new
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i knew that much, i just need to know how to upload them onto my computer. i'm stumped on that one. i knew i was forgetting to mention that part. my bad
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Upload your music on to your computer? If you have it stored on an external device such as a CD, Pen/Thumb Drive, or external hard drive - then simply insert the correct device into the matching slot in your computer system. If you run Windows, check your 'My Computer' to see if the connection was successful and open the file which is storing your music. If you run a Mac, the device should appear on your desktop if the connection what successful. Open the file that holds your music and extract it to your computer (perhaps in a media player of some sort if you wish). There you have it. The music is on your computer.

Now to upload it to UG, you'll need to go to your profile and locate under your 'User Menu' the 'My MP3s' section. You'll notice a table of options about what you can do with your music, or if you look on the far right, there's an option labeled 'Upload New' - that is where you want to go to upload your new music. Click on 'Upload New' and you'll be confronted with an agreement about your music not infringing any copyright agreements. You can't upload copyrighted music, or files of other people without their permission. Once you've confirmed that you are not breaking any rules, continue to fill out the information about the song you wish to upload. At the bottom of the list, there should be an option to 'Choose File' - click on this to navigate through your computer to find the music file you want people to hear on your profile. Remember that you music file must be in .MP3 format. A suggestion is also listed:

We recommend you to encode your mp3 files using these settings : 44.1kHz sample rate, 128kbps bitrate, otherwise your song may sound too slow or too fast.

Once you've successfully found the sound file on your computer, select 'Choose' and then click 'Upload your song' at the bottom of the page. The song should load momentarily after that. You may have to wait a few minutes depending on the size of your music file. There should be a status bar indicating how much of the file has loaded. Once it's done loading - you're ready to go! The song should appear on your profile. Good luck!