I read over and over again that the key to good strumming is to always keep your hand moving and use the right combo of up / down strokes to hit the rhythm. My question is to what "extreme" you're supposed to abide by this rule. For example, if we look at the first bar of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"...


And counting beats...

1, 2-and, 3-e-and-a, 4-and

So in order to keep a constant strumming speed throughout this bar, my strumming hand would have to always move at the speed required for the 16th notes on the 3rd beat, right? Which means on the first beat, for instance, I'd strum the chord on my first down stroke, then come up, down, and up again not hitting strings until the down stroke on the second beat?

This seems really silly to me, but it's the only way for your hand to always move at the same speed. Should I try to play like this, or is it okay for my strumming speed to change a bit between quarter, 8th and 16th notes?

it's the F ans the C# , not the F# and the B
Use a metronome, and know at which beat you have to come to each note, and play it slow
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For most Nirvana you can downpick all eight notes and only up-pick alternating 16th notes.

This also works well for Metallica.