I have an acoustic and not sure if the action is right. I am pretty new at guitar so not really sure. Is it supposed to be a standard height all the way down the board or get gradually higher towards the body as mine does? Please take a look at these pics and see what you think. Thanks a lot.

Completely fine.
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Your action is perfect. If the strings were one flat, low height across the entire fretboard they wouldn't have enough room to vibrate. The neck is angled on purpose.
Seems fine. Truss rod only comes into play if the neck isn't bowed correctly.

Fret the first and the last fret on a string. You should be able to see a tiny dip around the middle of the string.

The strings are supposed to be gradually getting higher. Tough to tell if they are too high from the pictures. They are perfectly clear, but that's something that really needs to be measured, either with a ruler or by playing. That said, it does appear it could go a bit lower if it is uncomfortable for you to play. Most guys say my guitars are too high, and they all look close to the same height you have yours. I like it higher for more volume and better tone. I can sacrifice playability since I rarely venture past the seventh or eighth fret.

Again, all I've really got to base that on is the string itself. Cameras have no depth perception, so you should probably get a shop to take a look, if it is hindering your playing. It's a cheap fix, if you decide to lower it. They just sand the bottom of the saddle. If you want it raised back up one day, they'll stick a shim under it, or just make a new one.
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Hey thanks everyone. Millerdrr, I measured it with a steel rule. It's 2mm at the high e and 2.5mm at the low (12th fret), is that pretty normal.

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