So my friend wants to be a musician but doesn't have a clue where to start... What should he do? Should He even pursue this?http://www.youtube.com/user/1PointOfInterest1 theres a link of our band he sings and plays the acoustic. Is it worth him trying to become a profesional musician? I think he's pretty good he's got an amazing sense of rhythm and can sing really good
I liked For what it's worth more. his voice just needed to be a bit a louder on that one
I did like that Seven Nation Army cover... it turned out better than I originally expected. I'd like to see some original work though.

But I guess start promoting his band, in any way he can? Get the word out there about them.
dude, check out the Musicians Union

they help out a lot and protect you from getting screwed over, make sure you get proper payments. My college teacher is part of it and says its brilliant cause they also notify you when certain job opportunities open.

yeah you have to pay but damn its cheap.