I just picked up a Mesa Rectoverb the other day, and am fiddling around with the settings on it. I'm curious, does anyone know how to get settings for the bands Alice in Chains, Chevelle, or Killswitch Engage? I just need a general idea, you don't have to own this amp to answer. I know this amp is made for finding your own sound, but me personally, I think it'd just be alot of fun to find settings for the bands I like, along with having my own sound. If anyone has a general idea, tell me where I should go in terms of gain, treble, mid, and bass controls. I can figure out presence on my own....


P.S. the only reason why I haven't asked for Metallica settings is because it wasn't too hard to find; I scooped my mids.
No settings threads allowed. Go to Ultimate Settings Thread.

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