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Carvin MTS 3200
2 4%
Line6 Flextone III XL & FBV Shortboard
14 25%
Laney VC30-210 30
4 7%
Marshall JCM2000 DSL401
16 29%
Randall RG100G3
6 11%
Blackstar HT-5 Mini Half Stack
14 25%
Voters: 56.
So, I looked on my local craiglist and kijiji ad sites and I found a few amps that are interesting. I play metal, jazz, blues, rock, and acoustic music but mainly metal. My budget is $600 firm!. These amps are the only ones I could find that were selling for under $600.

Genres: I like to play:Extreme metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical,and Rock
Main genre: Metal
Is Versatility: important: Yes
My influences: Dire Straits, Gorguts, Megadeth, Arsis, and Arch Enemy, and Behemoth
Channels: 2+
Budget: $600
Do I gig?: Starting to
NOTE: Amp has to be good at low volumes as well

Please try to pick within the amps below.

Carvin MTS 3200
Line6 Flextone III XL & FBV Shortboard
Laney VC30-210 30
Marshall JCM2000 DSL401
Randall RG100G3
Blackstar HT-5 Mini Half Stack
Between those choices, The carvin,randall and line 6. the others lack the aggresive DM gain
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Line 6. Sounds good for what you want.

I would've said the JCM2000, but since you a lot of aggressive metal stuff...
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the flextone can do the metal but still quite flexible/versatile
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i would say go with the marshall and get a good Overdrive for more of a metal distortion, or if you want a amp that has large amounts of distortion already i would go with the randall G3. i have played both of these amps and the marshall has better tone but the randall has ridiculous amounts of gain.

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I'd pick the dsl.

If you weren't gigging, I'd pick the ht5.
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Flextone. You got alot of different genres. This way you won't need a pedalboard also.
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Flextone, and also look at the Randall MTS series
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The Flextone and Randall would be ideal. I'm not sure that most of the other things on your list have enough gain or volume (in the Blackstar's case) to do what you want.
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Quote by Raijouta
The Flextone and Randall would be ideal. I'm not sure that most of the other things on your list have enough gain or volume (in the Blackstar's case) to do what you want.

Man this guy took the words right outta' my mouth. Definitely the Flextone and Randall. I'd say try'em both but I think you're buying them off craigslist.
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Trust me when I say that the Flextone gives you SICK metal tones!
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I'd go for the Marshall or the HT-5, I voted Marshall though, since your gigging (although you could mic the Blackstar)

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The DSL would be good if you get a half-stack and also it's not really an amp for the insane metal stuff.

But as it's the combo, go for the HT-5 or Flextone.
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FlexTone+floorboard for sure.

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