So my band has a number songs written, but only 3 of them have lyrics. Of those 3, 2 are about bugs in some way. Then an idea popped into my head: A concept album about bugs. Does this sound like it could work, or does it sound lame beyond belief?
You know what would be pretty cool?
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Sorry that sounds pretty dumb to be honest. But if the music's good and the lyrics work, I'd say go for it haha.
Anything could turn out good.

Depends how you do it. You could make the bugs out as a metaphorical type of thing. It could be a concept album about bugs about....something "cooler", more deeper?

Go for it. It's different, and different is good.
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Yeah, it really depends on how you go about doing it. If you put a lot of thought and care into it, to make sure it achieves just the feel you want and isn't too heavy handed, it could really work. And like ganoosh said, i would explore more into bugs then the simple fact of them. their relation to humans, human responses, metaphors for bugs, particularly poignant snapshots of insect life (ant-queen relationship for instance)... that kind of stuff.
I really don't like concept albums. It also takes me a while to realize that its actually a concept album. When i listened to sever your ties' "safety in the sea" i was like "man what is this guys problem with water? oh." Not that you really care about that. I personally dont think i could write like 10-12 songs about the same thing. Especially bugs. But I agree with hesh, if you feel it, than do it, just use a ton of metaphors, similies etc. There could be a song revolving around "squashed like a bug" and how the goverment is oppressing us. Stuff like that.