Hello forum users!

Im off to uni in october! and i want to bring my guitar gear with me so i can keep playing and maybe start a band!

The thing is, i dont want to annoy my neighbours who live in the room next to me! I want to add a headphone tap to my Super Champ XD so i can still use my effects like overdrive, distortion, wah etc.

I did some research and found the Weber Headphone tap. Found Here

Simple dummy load, with a headphone jack. I dont care much for the other features such as line out and speaker select switch.

All together it will cost me £45 to import to the UK. and will take about 3 weeks to arrive.

I think i can build it for £10 at most, using parts i have lying around. Just need an idea for the circuit. So far i have this:

50W 8 Ohm resistor with a Potentiometer with audio taper across it to adjust voulme and a headphone jack wired across that so i can connect my headphones to it.

Im sure this would work! What are your opinions?
Has any got any experience with this by trying it already?

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I could be wrong, as I really don't know that much, but this would be my guess for how to wire one up.

Like I said, though, I don't actually know, so be careful if you try this. This wiring might damage your amp/headphones and might hurt you. I don't know. :p Hopefully someone with a little more knowledge will help us out.
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Hey mate, thanks for the reply.

The circuit should work im sure! As this was what i was thinking too. As long as the load always stays connected to the amp. the transformer will not blow. the R2 resistor i will have to adjust according to my headphones resistance, so that it doesnt blow like you say.

I think the most trouble i am going to have is designing an enclosure that would shift the heat effeciently. The resistor is rated at 50W but the amp would only pump out a max of 25W if i really pushed it hard. So it should not heat up too much.