Its not metal hardcore or anything I'm sick of stuff like like

this is more pop mosh
comment plz and tell me what you think of it
and rate 1-10

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A tad repetitive, but that's expected for a "pop mosh" song. Everything fit pretty well, not sure what else to say. 3.5/5
Sounds good dude. Lyrics look good as well, it's good you have some. Most tabs don't have them, so this sounds good. I remember you've shown this to me before. You changed the part I mentioned when you first showed me this! At 99. It sounds waaaayy better. Idk if you know what I'm talking about, but maybe you do. I like how during the last chorus the vocals echo each other. You have some very interesting parts in here. It's not boring at all. I'm not sure about the ending though. That guitar part just seems a bit random. I liked what you used to have before. It's a very good song good job!

c4c maybe?
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I liked the beginning, especially the lead.

Bar 10 was pretty epic.

I like the slow vocal line compared to the faster-pasted music, it creates this... feeling of speed, sort of thing.

Bar 99 I liked because of sort of crazy it is, rhythm wise.

It stayed pretty consistently good throughout the song, really. No complaints music-wise.

I think if I had to actually listen to the song, I'd have gotten fed up with it due to the overly-emo lyrics and the screaming parts. I'm not against screaming, but I know how it'd sound because of the genre, and I can't stand that.

Overall it's still pretty good, a bit better than some other stuff on here in my opinion. Thanks for the crit.
I liked the fact that you added vocals with lyrics! It's rare to see
overall it's a good song, I liked the leads starting at bar 10, it fits well with the whole song
also liked the rhythm on the drums and guitar at bar 99, and the octave leads at 134 was really good as well.
to criticize something, I think that you used the crash cymbal to much, try changing it up a bit . also, you did have some nice rhythm guitar work, but I think it would sound even better if you could get in some extra effect at some places, like palm muting for example.
other than that, solid song!