Hey guys,

Im getting a new amp soon and I want to know how much it would be to change the tubes when they need to be changed.

This is a list of how many tubes I need
Tube change list:
Power: 4- 6L6/5881
Preamp: 4-12AX7
Phase-Inverter: 1- 12AX7
Reverb: 1- 12AX7
Effects-Loop: 1- 12AX7
Rectifier 1- 5AR4

Now I looked on google and I didn't know which was which, since I'v never owned a tube amps. So this is what I cam up with.

4 6L6= 77.36
7 12AX7= 104.93
1 5AR4= 20.95

Is this right? If not can you fix it?

Gibson Thunderhorse
Jackson RR24M
B52 AT100
what amp is it dude. we have no idea until we know the amp also, guitar gear and accessories would know more than EG
Yeah I asked there and got an answer but not really what I was looking for,

Is a b-52 at-100
Gibson Thunderhorse
Jackson RR24M
B52 AT100