Want to know why?

1. It bought America it's freedom. Without them we could of never stood against England.

2. They're amazing inventions.

3. Video games wouldn't be fun, or movies.

4. Takes skill to quick draw.

I'm sick of sissy hippies crying how they should be illegal. Grow a pair. If the people can't have guns neither should the military. As long as the military has them so should the people. We need to be able to withstand corruption.

"What if someone with a gun tries to shoot me?" Shoot them back. We die anyway. If you're so scared of dying so much we don't we just lock everybody in prison and throw away the key so nobody gets hurt. Seriously, STDs kill more people then guns so maybe everybody should cut off their dicks. You know what, that sounds like a good idea so retards can't keep populating the Earth. Each generation takes stupidity to a whole new level.

How many people have been killed with a gun by crazy people?

And how many crazy people have been stopped by guns?

I believe the ratio is in the guns favor.

they kill people...
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So, the military has tanks, helicopters, aircraft, and nuclear weapons, those should be for the public too?