Im currently looking for a new guitar. I have tried the Ibanezs, Epiphones, ESPs, Lagunas etc. But my budget is pretty low. On another thread i created, someone reccomended a Cort. Someone else also recomended a Agile. I think im gonna get the Cort X-6. Anyway, are there and online exclusive, or not well known guitar brands that are really good?
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^ I've never played a Hagstrom but I've heard good things about them. TS you should check them out.
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I checked out Cort guitars, their not bad, but check out Schecter guitars. They have a great list of guitars. Abd their prices arent very high for the craftmenship of their instrument.
I have a parker. Not to well known, but a good guitar. Very low maintenance. There expensive though. Or you could always go to a guitar boutique or luthier.
godins are great overall they sound great and play great
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Every time I speak of Caparison or Suhr to my friends, they're like "Well it ain't no Fender" -_-. I wish I owned a Caparison or Suhr to show how godly they are.


Oh I thought it was a topic of not well known brands overall x_x.

<_< +1 for Godin.

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Hamers are pretty solid guitars. Guy at a music camp I went to had an Echotone, which is basically an ES-335 copy. Nice neck on that thing
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Tremont and Kurt Wilson!!! sick ass guitars!
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erm, maybe I am reading something nobody else is. But TS said his budget was pretty low. Suhr, Parker, Comparison, Hamer, many Godin's......don't really fall into this category now do they?

TS.....low budget usually means looking on the used market. Also real ESP's are not low budget, I asume you are talking about LTD? I think you should look at LTD, Schecter maybe. Depending on your music tastes and your actual budget. There are many other brands to look at as well.

just my .02 though
Agile will suit you well!
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They are actually amazing.

On a £699 guitar you get coil splittable humbuckers, a piezo pickup and a lovely vibrato.

So many sonic options.

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There are plenty of decent companies that are lesser known.

In the UK we have Burns, Indie, Fret King, Italia, Vintage, Gordon Smith, Patrick Eggle.. That the rest of the world has probably not heard of very much
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Mosrite (vintage-y) and
Hagstrom are good.
Agiles are pretty good for the price.

Yeah, Mosrite guitars aren't known to today's youth very well. However, They were really popular back in their day. The contract with The Ventures wasn't a bad deal.

Anyway... I'd say Kay are relatively unknown these days. I only know about them by seeing some of their guitars on eBay.
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