Hey, going to see a movie for my birthday tomorrow. For those movie lovers who may have seen both, or just seen one of them, which one is better/ good or not? I want to see them both but it would be cool to see your opinions.

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district 9 was cool havnt seen the other yet
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You should flip a coin. They're both awesome in their own ways.
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Wow, that is a really hard choice. I've seen both and loved them. They both kick incredible amounts of ass. I'd go with Inglourious Basterds, though that's really only because the coin landed "tails" up.
I haven't seen Inglorious Basterds yet but I've heard it was awesome. District 9 was ridiculously ****ing awesome as well.
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District 9 is also good and you should see it too.
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I haven't seen Inglorious Basterds but District 9 was the best film I've EVER seen no exaggeration so idk IB would have to be pretty good to compete with that for me.
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Well I saw District 9, and it's a movie filmed mostly in documentary format. It's about aliens coming to live on our planet, in Africa, and they like catfood. It's also about all of humanity being bastards and racism and such. It's a "make you think" movie, with splosions. Haven't seen IB yet, the ticket guy recommended District 9 over it though.

I'd go with the almighty coin.
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Inglorious Basterds hands down. District 9 was awesome, but not half as good as IB in my opinion