On ebay, I see Vetta I heads that are like 650 and say "updated to Vetta II software," and they're infinitely cheaper than an actual Vetta II. What's the difference?
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I am 99.9% sure they'd be exactly the same aside from the cosmetic differences.
I saw that too, I've been looking for a vetta combo, and would be buying if I had the money.
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The difference between the Vetta I and II is the obvious cosmetic differences; plus the Vetta II has Variax support, the Vetta I needs to be upgraded via a module that plugs into the back of the amp.

Otherwise, they are the same amp.
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This is good info to have. I'd love to pick up a Vetta and it doesn't matter if it has Variax support.

Profit??? I think so.
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