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What is the best way to get faster at moving on the fret board.. like shredding..

Spider exercises to train your fingers to stay closer to the fretboard. Play against a wall so you don't use as much finger movement.

Play slow with a metronome until perfection is reached and speed up in increments of 5 bpm.
use a metronome...just started to use one today...really gets you focused
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as an extra warmup exercise, do trills with all your fingers on various frets. focus on making the notes sound even and minimizing noise from the other strings.
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i think he might be referring to the Spider Licks of Doom, which will help

practice for accuracy and the speed will come with it
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start slowly use a metronome and keep a good practice schedule also track your progress
^what these guys said but try playing scale runs in a different possition from standard as in where your fingers are directly over the fretbord(not v accurate here) but it looks and feels strange but you can play alot faster.

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Thank you for your words of wisdom.
Use a metronome and run scales at 60bpm until you can play them PERFECTLY (clean and even). Then bump it up five bpm and start again. That's how you get faster. hard work and lots of woodshedding.
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Get a metronome, work on accuracy and playing cleanly, and don't increase the tempo until both are achieved at the speed you're at.
play scales in septuplets to a metronome, go up at 1bpm increments every minute. after 5 minutes of continuous play do chromatic excersises at 16th notes. then repeat.

then for stamina do the same thing except increase in increments of 5bpm playing 3 - 5 mintues at a time.

EDIT: don't increase bpm if you feel any tension or fatigue, just take a break and start again. and also, don't icnrease bpm if your playing isn't absolutely perfect at that bpm.

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