plants and animals,
maps of roots and an ever growing sympathy for endangered species,
hedge deep swimming swelling through the breaks of cuyahoga falls.
amnesiac in the distance,
sleeping eyelids being held open by strings attached to tip tops of fir trees,
birds swiftly souring swallowing worms i chew and spit out.
an old drawbridge crumbling into puzzle pieces,
piecing themselves peacefully at the bottom of a creek
that leaks sap into the veins of the beholden maple trees.
a massive cloud in the sky that looks strikingly similar
to an elephant minus it's pelican beak,

i just can't get over small how it makes me look.
Last line could've been stronger. All i gotta say. I'd almost started to think you weren't giong to write another piece, and then, BAM, there it is. Thank you.
I didn't like the cocksure style of writing in the main stanzas description. To go from that into the concluding line was annoying and overly contrasting.

In truth, I'm not really keen on this piece.
thank you. the last line is kind of hit or miss with me. definitely not worded out how i'd like it to be and like you said^ it's contrast is rough.