So doing a little research i found that the main difference between a mixer and a PA is that a PA is powered and puts out wattage. So my question is simple. Would i be able to run a mixer to a power amp out to speakers as a makeshift PA? Is it doable? And as a Power amp would a stereo amp work? Thanks in advance.

a local venue i go to does that, has a stereo mixer going out to two racks full of power amps behind the speakers

edit: it's a little safer to have the power amps right behind or very near the speakers instead of by the mixer so their is less of a chance of someone tripping over wires leading to 1000watts of death
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run a mixer to a power amp out to speakers

That's basically what a PA System is.

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ya man, thats what i use, i have a Peavey mixer, and i use an 800w two channel amp to power my speakers, i mean that is actually the good way to do it. most of the time you when you have big PA's there will just be a rack full of amps
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That's basically what a PA System is.

This. Actually its exactly what a PA system is. Just one setup by you.
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Awesome, thanks guys. Me and the band were about to go spend 500+ on a PA and i realized i could get a 8 channel mixer for less than half the price and i have this 500 watt amp powering this decade old radio my dad has, i thought it would work but there was no way in hell i was gonna blow something up without consulting UG Thanks so much for the help.
lol, thats what we did for our school grad, cept we used about 5000 watts of power amp, we didnt quite realize what we were doing we just grabbed everything.